Jiaganj Azimganj

It takes 4h 15m and leaves Jiaganj Azimganj at 10:20. The maximum duration of 6h 9m is taken by Lalgola Sealdah Passenger 53178. It departs from Jiaganj Azimganj at 09:06. Out of all the trains that operate between Jiaganj Azimganj and Kolkata,1 originate from Jiaganj Azimganj while the rest 14 pass from Jiaganj Azimganj.

He never came at Azimganj town before 19/04/2014, so he is first time in Azimganj town. He does not came for playing any football match or visiting any football club or giving any inspiration to any football player of Azimganj – Jiaganj town. Although, there are many football club as well as Azimganj Young Men Athletic Association (Y.M.A.A.

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Municipality, Police Station, Hospital: The two cities Jiaganj Azimganj have only one municipality – which is Jiaganj – Azimganj Municipality – which current chairmen Sri Sankar Mondol. The police station of Azimganj city is Jiaganj – to give better service there is a police outpost (Police Fari) in Azimganj City.